The Angry Garden Film Competition

£500 prize

Michael Stimpson's The Angry Garden, for solo singers, choir, and orchestra, was written to highlight the issues of climate change. Now, in association with the Green Arts Oxfordshire Network and Arts at the Old Fire Station, we are pleased to offer you the chance to respond creatively to the piece by making a short film using some of the music and be in with a chance of winning the £500 prize. There will be a special presentation in the Old Fire Station, Oxford on 28th September 2022 as part of the Great Big Green Arts Week, where a shortlist of entries will be screened before the winning entry is announced.

The only stipulation is that one (or more) of the extracts below must feature in some way in the soundtrack and that the film must be between 1 minute and 13 minutes in length (with an extra 2 minutes allowed for credits and associated information). You can manipulate the music in any way that you like (or not at all).

The closing date for entries is 1st September 2022. The shortlist will be announced on 21st September 2022.

More details and full terms and conditions are here.


Listen to the music extracts that can be used below -


Silence / Stillness / Darkness / Emptiness


All creation sings / and apples like a tree of notes / bend down the bough


Furnaces light up the sky / declaring that the dark must die. / The furnace roars: more mouths, more meat. / Turn up the heat; turn up the heat. / More mouths, more land; / and so the forked flames are fanned. / When the black sun finally falls / it burns man’s image on to walls. / Forests flame and rivers boil, / a poisoned wind tears at the soil, / oceans sicken, skies ignite; / the last flocks dip in broken flight.

Or That The Ice Is Wearing Thin

The seabirds circle in the sky; / they cannot know the sea is high / or that the ice is wearing thin.

Crawl into the ransacked garden

Crawl into the ransacked garden / the ruin of a perfect Eden. / The Tree of Knowledge barely stands / holding five foul apples in its hands. / One is rotten to the core / tormented by the wasps of war. / The next is stripped by acid rain; / another shrivelled by the vengeful sun. / A billion mouths have sucked the fourth one hollow. / The last has nothing left to swallow / lying rancid in the blackening grass.


And so the prophecies have come to pass.

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The Angry Garden, a five-movement work for soli, choir, and orchestra, was premiered in 2002 in support of the World Wildlife Fund at St John Smith's Square by the English Concert Singers and Orchestra, conducted by Roy Wales. The work was recorded in 2019 by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the City of London Choir, conducted by Hilary Davan Wetton. It was released on CD in plastic-free packaging in April 2021, and is also available as a beautifully produced limited edition LP, pressed by Deepgrooves Vinyl Pressing Plant, 'the greenest vinyl pressing plant in the world'.

To find out more about Michael Stimpson and his work, click here.