Here are the music extracts for you to listen to and download.

You can use one or more of the extracts, and they can be manipulated in any way that you like.

We have no wish to restrict your creative response to the music, and so the only rule is that at least one of the extracts features in some way in your film. (We will interpret this rule permissively.)

1. Creation

Silence / Stillness / Darkness / Emptiness

2. Eden

All creation sings / and apples like a tree of notes / bend down the bough

3. Furnaces

Furnaces light up the sky / declaring that the dark must die. / The furnace roars: more mouths, more meat. / Turn up the heat; turn up the heat. / More mouths, more land; / and so the forked flames are fanned. / When the black sun finally falls / it burns man’s image on to walls. / Forests flame and rivers boil, / a poisoned wind tears at the soil, / oceans sicken, skies ignite; / the last flocks dip in broken flight.

4. Or That The Ice Is Wearing Thin

The seabirds circle in the sky; / they cannot know the sea is high / or that the ice is wearing thin.

5. Crawl Into The Ransacked Garden

Crawl into the ransacked garden / the ruin of a perfect Eden. / The Tree of Knowledge barely stands / holding five foul apples in its hands. / One is rotten to the core / tormented by the wasps of war. / The next is stripped by acid rain; / another shrivelled by the vengeful sun. / A billion mouths have sucked the fourth one hollow. / The last has nothing left to swallow / lying rancid in the blackening grass.

6. Prophecies

And so the prophecies have come to pass.