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Drawings from the Shell

Drawings from the Shell, for piano, arose from the idea from a student chamber piece, Five and a Half Pieces for a Psychotherapist, in which I had the feeling that a therapist would in half an hour gain more of an insight into a work  than months of academic research. I began to look a little more into the theories of Jung and loosely based the five movements on a life cycle (or perhaps I should say mine), with the first reflecting the movements in the womb, and the last the bright lights of death. For performance I preferred the work to be in a venue where lighting during the piece could play a major role, darkness, with flashes of light for the first movement, increasing to  a brilliant white for the last. The colours for the intervening movements are open to interpretation although I had envisaged a warm sensation for movement four. The intention is to move presentation of a musical work beyond the more formal atmosphere of the concert hall.      


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