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Written for full orchestra, Incidental Music is built from five sections of the opera Jesse Owens to make one shorter piece. The opening 'Overture', with a tempo mark of ‘running’, gives a nod to the first blues being written around the time of the birth of Jesse Owens. The work moves on to the slow-moving picture of 'Home', a sharecropping farm where Jesse Owens was first brought up. The third section, 'Klan', briefly orchestrates the tension of the first Act where the Ku Klux Klan play a prominent role. In the opera itself, the third Act is set as a series of film scenes to remember the famous film of the 1936 Olympic Games by the German filmmaker, Leni Riefenstahl. In this section, 'The Games', there is the flavour of a German oompah band, and settings of the words ’chills my Jewish bones, Jesse’ and ‘friendship is twenty-four carat’. The work closes with 'The Empty Stadium', the stadium in Berlin where Jesse Owens triumphed. 

Incidental Music from the Opera Jesse Owens

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